Top Ten Uses of Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil has come to the forefront of people’s attention when it comes to natural skin care products. It has a great many of different uses and has the advantage that even a high quality rosehip oil is as good as many of the more expensive proprietary brands. The uses of rosehip oil though don’t just stop at skin care as it can be used for hair and nail care, for example. The following top ten list gives just some of the uses for rosehip oil.

rosehip oil

1. Wrinkles and the Signs of Premature Ageing

Many women who use rosehip oil on a regular basis claim that it is effective in the fight against wrinkles (in conjunction with sun block). Some research has indicated that this is most likely due to a retinal derivative that is present in rosehip oil (although the fatty acids and antioxidants that are constituents of rosehip oil are also great for the skin).

2. Acne

Many of those who suffer from acne who have tried using rosehip oil have found that it has improved the quality of their skin, reducing the intensity and severity of their acne. The combination of vitamins A and C and the fatty acids particular if your skin is very oily then it is probably best to seek professional advice before using it.

3. Treatment of Scars

Rosehip oil has been proven effective at reducing acne scars and skin blemishes. When used on a regular basis, it appears that such skin damage will become less pronounced. In addition, under medical advice, it may be useful for minor burns, chicken pox and other types of scars.

4. Dry Skin/Moisturiser

The high content of essential fatty acids present in rosehip oil make it a great candidate as a facial skin moisturiser. Typically women will apply it at night, just before going to bed and wake up in the morning with their skin feeling good.

In addition, if you suffer from dry elbows and/or knees then it is reported as being particularly effective.

5. Dry Hair

If you have ever suffered with dry or damaged hair then an easy solution is at hand using rosehip oil. Just heat some up in a bowl (making sure it is warm but not hot) and then simply massage it into your hair and your scalp. Leave it for about an hour (if you can steam your hair after the massage for a few minutes then great but if not then it is not an essential step). Wash your hair meticulously and once dry, your hair will be revitalised and soft.

6. Dandruff

Whilst there may be oils and treatments that may be better and more effective, if you suffer from dandruff and have rosehip oil at hand, then simply massaging it into the scalp can provide some benefits.

7. Psoriasis

If you have suffered from psoriasis for a while and are not having much luck in addressing it effectively, then it is probably worth trying rosehip oil. The treatment basically just involves massaging the oil into the affected areas several times a day (in conjunction with aloe vera is recommended by some advocates).

8. Rosacea

Although there is no known cure for Rosacea, there are many who support the use of rosehip oil to help manage the condition. Anecdotal evidence has found that with regular and continued application, the appearance of the skin can be improved although it must be noted that it is not a suitable treatment for all sufferers so if you are thinking of using it then please talk to your skin care professional.

9. Sunburn

Rosehip oil does not provide protection for the skin from the sun but if you have been sunburnt then gently massaging a few drops onto the sunburn can provide almost instant relief. However, please talk to your doctor if the sunburn is anything more than just minor.

10. Arthritis

Whilst all of the previous uses have been external , there have been some research studies that suggest that taking rosehip oil may reduce the pain associated with both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. As with any such treatment please discuss first with your doctor before you start taking the supplement.