The Benefits of Rosehip Tea

Whilst this site is dedicated to providing information about some of the potential benefits of rosehip oil, there are some parallel claims that are made about how rosehip tea can be beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Although the oil is extracted from the fruit of the rosehip, the tea can be made from virtually any part of the plant such as the leaves and the flowers as well as the fruit.

Benefits of rosehip tea

Those who support the consumption of rosehip tea claim that it is a great natural booster for the immune system and it can be considered as a great energising drink. Some of the more exaggerated claims are that it can reduce the impact of gout, it can fight urinary-tract infections and it can be used on the skin to provide advantages similar to the rosehip oil itself.

The scientific support for the benefits of rosehip tea is limited and many of the claims are anecdotal in nature. The research that has been performed, though, has generally been positive and, for example, rosehip tea has been found to contain relatively high levels of phenolic and flavonoid antioxidants. Whether the vitamin C that is contained in the rosehip fruit is present in a tea brewed from boiling water may be questionable though but many drinkers do say that flu like symptoms such as fevers, runny noses and coughs are reduced when they drink rosehip tea. In addition, there are references that drinking the tea can loosen mucus in the bronchial tubes which can make coughing more productive.

Rosehip tea and Cardiovascular benefits

There is some evidence that suggests that rosehip tea may be useful in reducing arterial blood pressure which could be significant with respect to improving cardiovascular health. Regular consumption over a period of months is suggested in order to provide the required impact. However it is important to discuss with your cardiovascular doctor should you be considering using rosehip tea as part of your health regime.

Rosehip tea and Arthritis

There is specific information about the effect of rosehip oil on arthritis on this site at However, there are some proponents who claim that drinking the tea can be an alternative to conventional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications for relieving the pain and symptoms of arthritis.

If you wish to try rosehip tea then it is as simple as adding boiling water to a tablespoon or so of the dried crushed hips. After letting it steep (for up to 15 minutes) then just strain and, depending on your tastes, add a little honey before drinking.