Rosehip Oil - Side Effects

Whilst most of the information included on this site refers to the healing power that rosehip oil can provide for a number of conditions, in particular for the skin, it is always advisable to be mindful of possible side effect and contraindications of its use.

Allergic reaction

Most people have no adverse reaction to using rosehip oil on their skin for treating scars, acting as a moisturiser or just as part of a general skincare regime. However, some people may notice that their skin can be irritated or that they have a specific allergic reaction.


This is particularly relevant for those people who have sensitive skin (which is why they may have considered using the oil in the first place). Also people who know that they have plant allergies may, in very occasional cases, be affected.

If you think that you may be susceptible to an allergic or adverse reaction to using rosehip oil on your skin then always perform a small area patch test before going to a fully applying it to your skin.

Gastrointestinal Side Effects

It is not recommend here that you ingest rosehip oil directly. If you do then you may suffer from nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea.

If you do ingest rosehip oil then please consult your doctor (or a poisons information hotline) for advice.

During Pregnancy or When Nursing

It is not recommended that rosehip oil be used when you are pregnant (or think you might be pregnant) or when you are nursing. Whilst there are no specific risks that have formally been identified, normal caution should be applied as there is insufficient research to indicate that it is safe to use during pregnancy.

Interactions with other medications

There are some suppliers of rosehip oil capsules who promote that regular consumption can improve some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis. If you are thinking of taking rosehip oil capsules for this purpose then please mention it to your doctor before you start in case there may be a reaction with any other medications that have been prescribed.

Vitamin C Side Effects

Rosehip oil contains Vitamin C and as such any normal side effects associated with the consumption of Vitamin C will apply (relevant for those who ingest the capsules). For example, it can interfere with the results of urine glucose tests, it can increase oral absorption of iron and it may make the blood more acidic. However, these probably only applicable if you are ingesting a significant amount of Vitamin C via the capsules and low levels may have little impact (but if you have any concerns then always talk to your health care professional).