Why Take Fish Oil?

In order to find out what all the benefits of fish oil are and why you may need to consider taking it as a supplement then it is important to know what Omega-3 is and to understand why it is necessary for particular bodily functions.

fish oil

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that is required for our brain to function properly. Fatty acids comprise over sixty percent of the brain tissues, and responsible for maintaining healthy function over the rest of our bodies. Since our brains are pretty much powered by these fats, without them in sufficient quantities, many other parts of our bodies are affected. The problem is, these acids are not made internally, and the only way to get them is by eating particular foods that contain these acids.

While you can get Omega-3 from certain nuts and vegetables, the highest concentrations are found in fish oil. This doesn't mean freshwater fish either, you can only get these fatty acids from salt water fish, preferably fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel. However, most people for one reason or another, do not consume much of these fish and Omega-3 dietary supplement may be required to provide sufficient of the essential fatty acid in the diet.

So what are the benefits of taking fish oil, or supplement that are high in Omega-3?

First of all, there are actually so many different health improvements that it would take volumes to include all of them, and many more are being discovered every day. Here are just some of the benefits that adding this fatty acid to your diet can provide. Starting with brain functioning; there are many different brain disorders and diseases that low levels of Omega-3 fats have contributed to. Depression, mood swings, bipolar disorder Alzheimer's disease, and even postpartum depression, as well as many others, may be significantly improved.

Only recently surpassed by cancer, heart disease was one of the biggest killers in our country. Fish oil, and supplements of Omega-3 make blood platelets less sticky, and may help to prevent clogged arteries. They can also reduce triglycerides level which can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Other benefits of fish oil supplementation is that you may experience less pain in your joints, and overall levels of inflammation. This can greatly benefit people with arthritis, cystitis, and just about anything ending in 'itis' that you can think of. It may also help with all sorts of different types of cancers as well, especially prostate and colon cancer, as well as breast cancer.

It is believed to be important for a pregnant woman to take an Omega-3, whether in a supplement, or in fish oil for several reasons. One of the most important is that this will help the fetus to have proper brain development. They should also consider taking while breast feeding, since this is one important way for an infant to obtain some in their diet. It is reported that young children and infants who have sufficient fish oil in their diet are less likely to develop ADD, Hyperactivity, and tend to have higher intelligence. Some studies has also shown that it can also help you get pregnant if you have problems with fertility.

So how do you get fish oil and Omega-3?

The problem with eating a lot of fish is that fish can also contains a lot of fat, which may not be good for you. It is sort of oxymoron, but you need the oil, but not the rest of it so much. Buy the fish oil supplements instead, whether in oil form, or in pills may be worth considering. The best source of fish oil is from molecularly distilled and purified sources, and it is important to check the label when considering purchasing. It is also important to find only the freshest fish oil, and it is best to compare many brands to find the right one. These supplements can be purchased in a variety of different places, both online, and at local retail outlets.

As with any supplementation then you should consult your health care professional before beginning taking the supplement.