Rosehip Oil Collagen Facial Treatment

Collagen is an essential protein for our bodies and is present in skin, bones, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. It is vital for skin health and repair as it provides our skin with strength and elasticity. As we age then our collagen levels start to decrease, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic and this can result in the appearance of wrinkles and lines on our faces. There are many beauty therapist and aestheticians who believe that vitamin C can help top up natural collagen levels and suggest that rosehip oil collagen facial treatment can delay the ageing process.

rosehip oil collagen facial treatment

In addition to the moisturizing characteristics associated with rosehip oil, it contains significant levels of Vitamin C (as well as Vitamin A, essential fatty acids and antioxidants). The combination of the chemical components of rosehip oil are believed to contribute to the production of collagen.

The production of collagen results in healthy appearance of the skin. In addition, it is claimed to reduce the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines.

The mechanism whereby rosehip oil enhances collagen production is hypothesised to be that Vitamin C induces chemical reactions to combine organic compound with a hydroxyl group. It is oft referred to that Vitamin C is the fuel required to start the synthesis of collagen.

The normal recommendations for application of rosehip oil for collagen facial treatment is to combine a few drops of the rosehip oil in a suitable carrier oil and gently massage into your face. Application can be a little as once a day (night time is often recommended as there is time for the oil to be absorbed by the skin).

Please note that rosehip oil is not a suitable sunscreen so if you are applying during the day then you will need apply a sunscreen afterwards for skin protection.