How to Apply Rosehip Oil

Chances are if you are on this website then you are considering using rosehip oil on your face as part of your skin care regime. It might have been suggested to you by a skin care consultant or a friend or you may have stumbled across information on the internet about how rosehip oil may be good for your skin. Many women do recommend using it as a moisturiser and for a wide range of skin conditions. But often there is little information about how to apply rosehip oil to your face.

how to apply rosehip oil

If you search the suppliers of rosehip oil then they simply suggest that you apply 2 or 3 drops directly to the face morning and night. Some suggest that the skin still be damp after washing and cleansing as it may facilitate easier absorption of the rosehip oil by the skin. The application is by gentle circular massaging strokes using fingertips. Some claim that this aids stimulation of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Searching online forums have found that some women have not found this particularly successful, particularly if they suffer from dry skin when the rosehip oil may not soak into the skin particularly fruitfully. They have had more success when they have mixed it with their favourite moisturiser.

Other women who feel that they have a greasier or oily skin observe that they do not use rosehip oil during the skin as it seems to exacerbate the greasy appearance of their skin (even if it does feel as though it absorbs well). They are restricted to using it as a night-time skin moisturiser.